How do thermal printers work

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Posted: 1 y
Thermal printers are a type of printer that uses heat to transfer images or text onto paper. There are two main types of thermal printers: direct thermal printers and thermal transfer printers. Direct thermal printers use heat-sensitive paper that turns black when exposed to heat. The printer heats the thermal print head and transfers the image or text onto the paper. These printers are commonly used in retail settings for printing receipts.

Thermal transfer printers use a ribbon coated with ink, which is transferred onto the paper when heated by the print head. These printers are used for printing labels and barcodes and are commonly used in the logistics, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. Thermal printers have several advantages over other types of printers, including high print speeds, low maintenance requirements, and the ability to print on various surfaces. However, they are unsuitable for printing high-quality images or graphics, as the resolution is generally lower than other types of printers.
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