Oscilloscope Market Top Players Forecast 2020-2030

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Oscilloscope Market: By Component (Device & Probe and Software), By Device Type (Digital Oscilloscope, PC Based and Analog Oscilloscope), By Probe Type (Passive Oscilloscope Probe, Active Oscilloscope Probe and Current Probes), By End-User

Oscilloscope Market

Growing Demand from Consumer Electronics Industry to Drive Oscilloscope Market

The global oscilloscope market is expected to exhibit a strong 8.12% CAGR over the forecast period from 2018 to 2023, according to the latest research report from Market Research Future (MRFR). The global oscilloscope market is expected to be valued at more than USD 2 billion by 2023, according to the report. The report presents a detailed overview of the global oscilloscope market’s major driving factors and restraints, including a detailed overview of the key trends operating in the market and enabling smooth movement of the market. Major factors and trends affecting the global oscilloscope market Size are examined in detail in the report. The major players operating in the global oscilloscope Industry are also examined in detail in the report. Thus, a comprehensive overview of the market’s competitive landscape is also presented to the readers in the report. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global oscilloscope market is also examined in detail in the report.

Oscilloscopes are used to troubleshoot malfunctioning electrical equipment. For instance, in cases where a voltmeter is showing an unexpected voltage, an oscilloscope can reveal which circuit is oscillating. In other instances, the precise shape or timing of a pulse can also be gleaned by using an oscilloscope. Oscilloscopes can also be used as a simple signal tracer in order to probe the connections between the various stages of electronic equipment. Each measurement using an oscilloscope can reveal that a given stage of the equipment works and did not cause the fault. Once the faulty stage is found, a skilled technician can figure out the faulty component with further probing. This sort of troubleshooting is mostly used in radio and TV receivers, as well as electronic motor drives. Another popular use of oscilloscopes is to check newly designed circuitry. Newly designed circuits may misbehave due to design errors, electrical noise, or bad voltage levels, necessitating oscilloscopes to figure out the precise problem.

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Oscilloscopes find application in automotive, consumer electronics, aerospace and defense, IT and telecom, and healthcare applications, among others. The growth of these end use industries has been a major driver for the global oscilloscope market over the last few years. The growing demand for oscilloscopes from the automotive sector is likely to be a major driver for the global oscilloscope market over the forecast period. Growing demand from the automotive sector for maintaining high production standards and enabling long operating life in automotive batteries is likely to be a major driver for the global oscilloscope market over the forecast period. The consumer electronics sector is also likely to be a major consumer of oscilloscopes over the forecast period.

Oscilloscope Market Competitive Leaderboard:

Leading players in the global oscilloscope market include Pico Technology Ltd., Texas Instruments Inc., Keysight Technologies Inc., TEKTRONIX Inc., Fluke Corporation, RIGOL Technologies Inc., Nation Instruments, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, Rohde Schwarz, and Teledyne LeCroy.

In June 2018, Rohde Schwarz launched a series of high-performance oscilloscopes—RS RTP oscilloscopes —that combine signal integrity with a high acquisition rate.

Teledyne LeCroy recently launched WavePro HD high-definition oscilloscopes, which combine HD4096 12-bit technology and 8 GHz bandwidth to offer low noise and clear signal.

Yokogawa recently launched the DLM3000 series mixed signal oscilloscopes integrated with new functionalities such as two-channel or four-channel input, a sampling rate of 2.5 Giga sampling/second (G/s) and reduced noise.

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Oscilloscope Market Segmentation:

The global oscilloscope market is segmented on the basis of component, device type, probe type, end use, and region.

By component, the global oscilloscope market is segmented into device and probe, and software.

By device type, the global oscilloscope market is segmented into digital oscilloscope, PC-based oscilloscope, and analog oscilloscope.

By probe type, the global oscilloscope market is segmented into passive, active, and current probes.

By end user, the global oscilloscope market trends is segmented into consumer electronics, IT and telecom, automotive, aerospace and defense, healthcare, and others.

Oscilloscope Market Regional Analysis Outlook:

Asia Pacific accounted for a strong share of 59.38% in the global oscilloscope market in 2017. The region is likely to dominate the global oscilloscope market Share over the forecast period due to the growing automotive and consumer electronics industries in the region.

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