The Story of Revenge Official Clothing Brand

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The Revenge Clothing Brand Is Based In Los Angeles. Though There Is No Brick And Mortar Store You Can Walk In. An Everything Is Sale Online And Through Pop-Ups.

Rapper XXXTentacion was quite a controversial person. At age 20, he had millions of fans, songs on top of international charts and a list of criminal charges for violence. Things that he has created in terms of music and style have become iconic in hip-hop culture. A hoodie from his collaboration with Revenge Official Clothing brand is one of them. This piece of clothing is now desired by many, extremely scarse and extensively faked. Let’s see what this craze is all about.

The Revenge Official Clothing Brand

There Is Not So Much Inside Information About, The Revenge Official Clothing Brand. And We Know It First Appeared On Instagram On May, 27 Th, 2016 . And A Picture Of A Man With His Face Covered, And Wearing A T- Shirt With «REVENGE» Text . The Revenge Clothing Brand Is Based In Los Angeles . Though There Is No Brick And Mortar Store You Can Walk In . A Everything Is Sale Online And Through Pop-Ups . And The Revenge Clothing Brand Owner Is GARETTE . A Very Secretive Man In His Early 20s ,And Who Never Shows His Face , And From Time To Time . There Are Live Streams On The Revenge Brand’s Instagram To Announce Up Coming New Drops.

The Origins of Revenge Official

Garrett Lambert started Revenge Official in his parents’ basement in 2014 with a small collection of t-shirts and hoodies. The brand’s aesthetic was heavily influenced by punk and grunge culture, as well as Lambert’s personal interests in skateboarding, music, and art. Revenge Official’s early designs were characterized by bold graphics and provocative slogans that challenged traditional norms and sparked controversy.

The Controversy Surrounding Revenge Official

While Revenge Official’s edgy and provocative designs have been a key part of their success, they have also been the subject of criticism and controversy. Many have accused the brand of glorifying violence and drug use, and some have argued that their designs are insensitive or offensive.

One of the most high-profile controversies involving Revenge Official Clothing occurred in 2017, when a t-shirt featuring the slogan “Rape Justin Bieber” was released on the brand’s website. The shirt drew widespread condemnation from both fans and critics, with many calling for a boycott of

of the brand. Lambert initially defended the design as a joke, but later apologized and removed the shirt from the site. The Story Of The Lconic Brand and Their Revolutionary Jeans

Despite these controversies, Revenge Official has continued to thrive and expand their offerings. The brand has collaborated with other streetwear brands such as Vans and Off-White, and has released limited edition items such as a branded AR-15 rifle and a collaboration with the video game “Grand Theft Auto V.”

The Legacy of Revenge Official

Revenge Official’s impact on streetwear culture cannot be overstated. Their unique style and provocative designs have influenced a new generation of fashion enthusiasts and creatives, and their signature jeans have become a coveted item among collectors and fans.

However, Revenge Official’s legacy extends beyond just fashion and style. The brand’s rebellious spirit and willingness to push boundaries have inspired young people to question authority and challenge the status quo. While some may find their designs offensive or inappropriate, others see them as a reflection of the frustrations and anxieties of a generation that is grappling with a rapidly changing world.

As the brand continues to evolve and expand, it will be interesting to see how they navigate the challenges and controversies that inevitably come with pushing boundaries. One thing is for certain, though: Revenge Official has left an indelible mark on streetwear culture, and their legacy will continue to inspire and provoke for years to come. The Story Of The Lconic Brand and Their Revolutionary Jeans

The Hoodie and the XXXTentacion

Later in 2016, or in early 2017, Garrette met rapper XXXTentacion. It’s unclear who initiated the meeting, but most probably they were acquainted through Instagram DMs. Anyway, Garette was the real beneficiary. After X showed his support to the brand, the popularity of Revenge skyrocketed.
At that time, XXXTentacion (friends called him by his real name, Jahseh) was gaining popularity on Soundcloud. His violent track Look At Me! was a huge online success. X was part of a new wave of artists, whose music incarnated a disconnect with social norms.

Summer Effortless Chic with Revenge Hoodie Dresses

When the temperature rises, Revenge hoodies can still be a part of your wardrobe. Opt for hoodie dresses, which offer a feminine and Revenge Official Clothing stylish twist. Choose a lightweight, breathable fabric and pair it with sneakers or sandals for a casual summer look. For a more dressed-up vibe, layer a Revenge Official hoodie dress over a maxi skirt or wide-leg pants. Embrace the summer breeze while staying effortlessly chic.


The information about the Revenge Oficial Clothing brand timeline is pretty scarce. This is the story of collaboration between music and style and the tragedy of failed relationships, both business and personal. Revenge Official managed to build their own rap fanbase even before XXXTentacion stopped supporting them. But after the death of the famous rebellious rapper, these clothes become even More desirable.

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