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The skateboarding team competing at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games is made up entirely of teenagers.

Due to the flexibility of the sport, the average age of the athletes is younger than many other sports.

Some of the athletes are still in elementary school.

Moon Kang-ho (Gangwon Province Roller Sports Federation) was born in April 2011 and is the second youngest of the 1,140 Korean athletes at the Asian Games.

He shares the same year of birth as Kim Sa-ra, who competes in chess, but his birthday is almost seven months earlier, making him the youngest member of the Korean team.

Despite his young age, he is no less eager to compete at the Asian Games than any other Korean athlete.

"I'm excited and nervous," Moon told reporters at Incheon International Airport on Tuesday, adding, "My parents told me to do my best, and I'll definitely come home with a good result."

"My friends were excited and said they would watch the game on TV," he said, adding, "One friend asked me for an autograph, but I didn't have one, so I wrote his name."

Moon Kang-ho, who was introduced to skateboarding in the second grade of elementary school, confidently said, "I'm most confident in the Kickflip trick, which involves spinning the board 360 degrees and holding onto the board with your hands."

Cho Hyun-joo (16-Hongdae Bugo), a veteran of the skateboarding team, is also determined.

"This is my first time competing in a comprehensive international competition," he said, "and I'm going to show off my skills as I've prepared hard."

"I trained overseas to prepare for this tournament," he said, "My parents are very worried but supportive. They told me to enjoy the competition rather than my performance," he added.

"Due to the nature of the sport, there are many residual injuries, and I am also recovering from a sprained ankle recently," he said. "Stress often builds up, but I always relieve it by chatting with my friends at school or eating tteokbokki. The skateboarding team is also composed entirely of teenagers, so we prepared for this competition by laughing and talking."

"I heard that my friends at school were cheering for me while watching the broadcast," he said, adding, "I will definitely come back with a medal."

Skateboarding, which first became an official sport at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games, is divided into two categories: street and park.

'Street' involves performing tricks on a variety of structures found on the streets, including stairs, rails, rails, slopes, benches, and walls, while 'Park' takes place in a hollowed-out bowl-shaped arena.

Each athlete is given two 45-second performance attempts. In the finals, they must perform five additional single skills.

Athletes are judged on the difficulty, success rate, and originality of their tricks.

Moon Kang-ho and Cho Hyun-joo will be in the medal hunt in the park event. 파워볼

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