Asset Monitoring Software - How They Help Small Businesses Avoid Theft?

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Unfold the real purpose of owning the best asset monitoring software offering geospatial tracking, custom alerts, route optimisation, and lots more.

Every asset today you have in possession is valuable to you, right? Be it an important consignment, technical goods, equipment, or even a mobile workforce, you can’t risk their safety. 

This is where owning advanced asset monitoring software solutions comes as an inescapable move. These solutions not only help you keep live track of your asset’s operational activity but also keep you abreast of any danger suspected during transit.

If you are still defying the use of asset tracking solutions, let’s help you find why owning the best asset management software is the next thing.


Purpose of Having the Best Asset Management Software Around

  • Theft Prevention

Monitoring high-value assets is important to protect them against theft. By having asset monitoring solutions in place, asset owners can have a real-time view of their assets, 24/7, which can help them keep note of any ill activity.

Other than this, most asset tracking solutions offer options for alerts, notifications, and announcements that come in handy whenever the asset is suspected in danger. The software solutions help provide users with real-time alerts for custom scenarios like:

  • Consignment deviating from its assigned route
  • Equipment staying idle for very long
  • Excess hours of service on roads

The solutions also provide options for SOS alarms which run in case of emergency.

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  • Route Planning Optimisation

If asset-carrying vehicles are careful in selecting the routes by following the most time and cost-effective routes, they can protect themselves from situations like theft. The asset monitoring software comes with a route optimisation feature that helps find the most cost-effective and time-saving route for the driver.

This feature uses rich routing algorithms and rule engines that compile hundreds of variables like traffic, weather, delivery window, priority, etc. Based on these factors, drivers are able to find the most effective route to ensure timely delivery.


  • Reducing Process Inefficiencies

Monitoring solutions help asset owners stay aware of the shipment’s minute-by-minute location and operational activities. They are able to spot any anomalies during transit and focus on speeding up the delivery process.


  • Real-time Multimodal Tracking

Be it a consignment or any high-value goods needing multiple modes of transportation for transfer, manual tracking in such cases is precarious. This is where asset tracking solutions come in handy. These solutions come with robust GPS or asset trackers that are compatible to move along with the asset completing its journey through any truck, train, ship, or plane.

These trackers capture all the locational data of the asset and display them through asset tracking software, which is accessible to the asset owner.


  • ETA Delivery Proof

The asset monitoring solutions keep owners informed about the estimated time of arrival, even if it’s constantly updating throughout the journey. The software also allows the drivers to collect the proof of delivery digitally. The proofs can be in the form of e-signatures, QR codes, scans, OTP-based, and more.

This helps asset owners stay assured about the fact assets are safe and have reached their destination.


  • Automated Analytical Reports

The best part is that the asset monitoring system helps generate visually appealing analytical reports — either consignment-wise or vehicle-wise, automatically. Asset owners won’t have to dive into the hefty data pile to access the locational data and whereabouts of their assets on the move.

The single console will help them get thorough insights into the activities of the assets with geospatial data. This way asset owners won’t have to pass back and forth between multiple apps to view the reports for each vehicle.

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  • Lowers Administration Cost

Your valuable admin team won’t now have to allocate, plan, track, or manage each asset manually. This will help save your team’s precious time and the costs they may incur.

Besides all this, with effective route optimisation, you can optimise the asset journey and time on the road. This will help save your operational costs like fuel or any maintenance-related expenses.


What Features Asset Monitoring Solutions Should Offer?

The best asset management software should be able to offer comprehensive geospatial asset tracking, monitoring, and reporting solutions. It should provide all the key information about all goods in transit on a single unified console. Besides this, it should offer a complete round out of features like:

  • Geospatial asset management solutions.
  • Live tracking, 24/7 in the multi-modal journey.
  • Route planning and optimisation.
  • Seamless integration capabilities with internal systems like ERP, CRM, and other third-party software of choice. This is a must as it helps import asset data automatically, without manual effort.
  • Automatic and instant alerts for custom scenarios like fleet deviation, idling, overspeeding, etc.
  • Auto report generation for detailed insights into the fleet’s operational activities in real-time.

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