Common elements FNAF

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In the fifth game's fake ending and custom night update, they use cameras as a game mechanic, but not in the main game.

Cameras for security

In the first, second, third, seventh, and eighth games, the player has a security camera system that lets them watch the moving characters. The cameras can only show one place at a time, and they can't show everything. Most camera feeds are dull, noisy, and sometimes look almost black and white. In the third game, if a system that the cameras are connected to fails, the cameras stop working. In the fifth game's fake ending and custom night update, they use cameras as a game mechanic, but not in the main game.


In the first, second, fourth, fifth, sixth, eighth, and ninth games, they use lights to scare away animatronics or warn the player. In the first, second, fifth, seventh, and eighth games, turning lights on by pressing buttons on the walls.

These lights shine on the doorway or vent exit, which the player might have missed. In the fifth game, the lights are the same, but they are on a control pad and light up the rooms of the animatronics. In the second and ninth games, the flashlight has a limited number of charges. But in the fourth and seventh games, it has an unlimited number of charges and must be turned on or off. The battery life varies in the eighth game. The flash beacon, which was added in the fifth game, helps the player find their way into the dark rooms of the third and fifth nights. The flashlight is also used in the sixth game. But when the player looks at the vents, the flashlight turns on by itself and has an infinite amount of power.

Doors and vents

In the first, fourth, seventh, and eighth games, you have to close doors when an animatronic is nearby. The fake ending and custom night update of the fifth game also have doors that do the same thing. Vents are a way for animatronics to get to the player in the second, third, sixth, seventh, and eighth games. They are also the main way for the player to get around in the fifth game.

Jump scares

Every main game in the series has jump scares, which cause the player to lose because it seems like the animatronics are coming after them from off-screen. Most jump scares involve an animatronic character that pops up out of nowhere, followed by a loud scream or roar. Some jump scares, like those by Golden Freddy (in the first game), Nightmare, and Nightmarionne (in the fourth game), consist of a single screen with shrill, distorted audio. These jump scares usually crash (or restart) the game. In each game, the player must use different tools to avoid being attacked by jump scares and move forward.

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