SAYPAN Brings Cygnus to Life | Art Installation By SAYPAN

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Grace takes flight as SAYPAN engineers an ethereal kinetic vision

The ambitious Cygnus concept art installation will be brought to life thanks to the specialized services of SAYPAN, an industry leader renowned for technical innovation in kinetic sculptures and imaginative exhibit designs. As the engineering and build partner for Cygnus, SAYPAN will leverage their extensive capabilities to translate the artist’s creative vision into a striking suspended sculpture evoking a swan in graceful flight.

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SAYPAN’s talented build team will fabricate the hundreds of intricate curved steel feathers that will comprise Cygnus’ form. Each feather will be precision laser cut from polished stainless steel sheet and hand finished to perfection. SAYPAN’s structural engineers have developed an ingenious joinery system allowing the feathers to be securely fastened together while maintaining smooth silent rotation for the kinetic sculpture. Drawing on their experience designing complex kinetic exhibits, SAYPAN is ensuring Cygnus will safely suspend from the gallery ceiling while rotating gently via integrated motors.

Illumination is key to bringing Cygnus to life as intended. SAYPAN’s custom lighting design using programmable LEDs will artfully accentuate the sculpture’s curves through a range of pre-set lighting sequences. Integrated hardware and software controls designed by SAYPAN engineers will allow for effortless control and synced motion of both the rotation and lighting effects.

By leveraging SAYPAN’s specialty services spanning structural engineering, custom metal fabrication, lighting design, kinetic exhibit controls, and build management, the Cygnus installment will achieve new heights in mechanical sculpture aesthetics. SAYPAN welcomes the opportunity to apply their technical expertise and design capabilities to ambitious concept art projects allowing artists to fully realize their creative visions through innovative fabrication and elegant kinetic sculptural centerpieces.

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