Ahn Se-young Stands Up Again, My Confidence has Increased

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Badminton Ahn Se-young's performance at this month's French Open and All England Open is, on the surface, similar to the trend in January of this year.

Ahn Se-young Stands Up Again, "My Confidence has Increased... I'm Looking Forward to Seeing Myself at the Olympics"



After winning the French Open, he lost the All England Open... “I feel like I’m falling behind” and the prospect of participating in the Asian Championships… “Once I secure the world’s No. 1 spot, I plan to reduce competitions.”

'Struggled due to injury after winning'

Badminton Ahn Se-young's performance at this month's French Open and All England Open is, on the surface, similar to the trend in January of this year.

Ahn Se-young, who injured her knee at last year's Hangzhou Asian Games, signaled a revival by winning the Malaysia Open in January, but withdrew from the Indian Open quarterfinals the following week due to a thigh muscle injury. 카지노사이트

After six weeks of rehabilitation, Ahn Se-young stood up like Ottogi and won the French Open on the 10th of this month.

She then competed in the most prestigious tournament, the All England Open, where she was aiming for a second straight title, but she lost in the semifinals against Akane Yamaguchi (Japan), revealing her fitness issues.

She succeeded in the third period out of two, but she immediately fell again.

However, rather than being frustrated and in pain, Ahn Se-young focuses on her growth in the process.

Ahn Se-young, who entered the country through Incheon International Airport on the 19th, said, "I withdrew in January, but the improvement this time is that I persevered and made it to the semifinals."

She said, "I feel a little more confident and I look forward to the future.

“It will happen,” he said vigorously.

Se-young Ahn said, "I am satisfied with my performance better than the worry and tension I had due to the injury," and she said positively, "It would have been disappointing if I had played in the Olympics (like the semifinals of the All England Open), but I am glad I played before that."

He said, “My knees hurt while playing long games and rallies, but I felt like, ‘This is why I play badminton.’”

He added, “I learned a lot after holding on for a long time.”

Since the primary goal was the French Open, the income is also considerable.

Since this tournament was held at the Porte de la Chapelle Arena, where the Paris Olympics will be held four months later, it was a good opportunity to learn court sense and image training in advance.

Ahn Se-young recalled, “Because it was the gym where the Olympics were held, I had the mindset of ‘let’s play just one more game.’

Even if I lost, I had a strong belief that I should give everything I wanted to do.”

At the same time, she said with excitement, "I'm looking forward to seeing how I come back at the Olympics in four months.

I can't help but be a better version of myself."

Of course, Ahn Se-young, like Ottogi, feels pain and has a hard time every time she hits the floor.

Ahn Se-young recalled the semifinals of the All England Open and said, "I was a little resentful of the injury.

(During the training period) I was impatient and had a hard time because my body was not improving, and I was disappointed about that time.

I am sorry and thankful (to the trainer) for not being able to produce good results.

I looked back and said, “I was moved to tears.”

Regarding the competition with Yamaguchi, Chen Yufei (China), and Tai Ziying (Taiwan), she also said, "Everyone keeps analyzing and coming out, but I feel like I'm one step behind, which is very disappointing."

Ahn Se-young's next competition is expected to be the Asian Individual Championships on the 9th of next month.

After that, the number of competitions she participates in will be flexibly adjusted depending on her physical condition.

Se-young Ahn said, “I want to keep playing and achieve good results in order to be the No. 1 seed,” and added, “If I can maintain the No. 1 ranking in the world, I don’t plan on playing too many tournaments.”

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