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it's a tame seo part-time job with preposterous emolment and the most ironic thing is that the publisher never used any product of Perfect Diary

Since the perfect diary brand was established, Jinfeng Huang has established his ambitions in the company. In essence, we build l'Oréal in China.


Perfect Diary was established in 2016 by Jinfeng Huang, the old COO (300740: SZ) of Unifon. When launching a medium -level school with Xiaohongshu and building a stressed transport group on the Wechat Operation Platform, the perfect newspaper has been able to carry out a large amount of sales with the bestsellers. On the night of Tmall 618 2019, Perfect Diary became the best selling in the beauty category. The sales rate of sales reached 1193 %.

General description of the Chinese beauty market


Since 2018, China has tended to choose Chinese domestic beauty products. Suddenly, multiple brands, including the most famous brands, such as Perfect Diary, Flosasis and Judy Doll, have suddenly launched and extended.


According to national cosmetics instructions in China in 2019, more than 42 % of consumers will be happier to choose Chinese national cosmetics. After trying Chinese cosmetics brands for the first time, more than 60 % were eager to buy the product again. However, even if the Chinese beauty market grows rapidly, the penetration rate is still low. The main clients are 1 second and second. The average consumption of cosmetics reaches only the average consumption of the United States, Japan and Korea.


In addition, Chinese beauty brands still incorporate low -price strategies, and I think it is difficult to establish a presence in the high -gas market.

Diary Perfect's potential opi in Hong Kong


According to Insider, Yatsen, the parent company of the PD, has already selected Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to prepare for the first IPO, which plans to publish this year or beginning of 2021. I have not yet made a decision. Perfect Diary has not confirmed the story and does not intend to clarify the information related to rumors.


Until now, the perfect newspaper has frequently acted in the capital market. In April of this year, a new funded US $ 100 million was completed. This round was directed by Tiger Global Management, followed by Hopu Fund and Boyu Capital.

The emergence of "Internet Roreal" in China


Since the perfect newspaper was established, Jinfeng Huang has established his ambitions in the company. In essence, we build l'Oréal in China. Certainly, Perfect Diary is a superstar in the Chinese beauty market today and has more than 20 million followers online, which succeeds in becoming the most followers cosmetics brand. The success of the perfect newspaper behind the brightness suggests the ability to obtain rapid movement opportunities.


Receptive and creative digital marketing, the marketing market is not dramatic to create a perfect newspaper today. However, I would like to explain the two unique marketing strategies brought by a perfect newspaper. Here are two approaches that really changed the game.


1) Private traffic development. Private traffic means developing a sticky customer base through a public platform. Private traffic is exclusive to Chinese brands. It is less likely that Chinese clients access the official brand website or use email in addition to work. This is dramatically different from American customers who visit their favorite brands, verify their discounts or verify the promotions of the email box.


Perfect Diary has a beauty IP called Xiaowanzi, which adds a customer that scan the QR code while buying a product. In this way, the IP builds a Wechat group and recommends its own products that are exclusive to customer needs. When using this active account to build a Wechat community, the perfect newspaper is more likely to buy a product or try a new product under a perfect newspaper.


2) We point to a low level Kol for promotion. From the top to the lowest, its support is proportional to 1: 1: 3: 46: 100: 150. Such strategy is more persuasive for advertisements of perfect newspapers and helps build a community around the young population. Customers have disseminated their opinions on perfect newspapers to the online community shared with detailed memoranda and high -speed correspondence. This is another innovative marketing approach in a perfect newspaper.


However, it is still important that advertising strategies can be easily copied. Some large -scale international brands have begun to use the same procedure and have launched a makeup note in Xiaohongshu and PD. It is also important to find the next trend platform. Perfect Diary lost the early stage of using a short video like Tiktok for advertising.


The segment or various age brands is also an important strategy. L'Oréal (LRLCy) is known for its wide range of brands under internal acquisition or incubation. The perfect newspaper continues

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