Perfect Diary lipstick

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In the Perfect Diary lipstick catalog, you will find only the essentials lipstick range, born to be your makeup staple. Get youthful and cashmere-soft lips with our finest creations for matte, velvet, and dewy finishes complimenting your looks every season. The entire range of Perfect Diary beauty lipsticks is made to give you results comes in the industry's best-looking refined cases, which are all premium to the touch and encase your lipsticks in a way like no other. Thousands of customers love our lipsticks. Make sure to check the excellent diary lipstick reviews posted by verified customers.

How to apply lipstick?
Lipsticks provide a more attractive and fuller look on the lips, often matching or contrasting the rest of the makeup. To make the best results, exfoliate your lips with a gentle scrub and then use a non-tinted lip balm to moisturize them properly. This will make sure that your lips are without any dead skin and will look way more healthy and naturally youthful.

Does lipstick expire?
Yes, just like every other cosmetic, they also have an expiry date. Although they last longer than lip gloss and other liquid lip cosmetics, their decorative life varies from 1.5 to two years. They change their color when getting near the expiry date, and it is always a good idea to discard them otherwise they can give skin allergies on the lips.

How long does lipstick last?
Lipsticks' application and wearing time depends on the adhesive capabilities of your lipsticks. Generally, lipsticks from high-quality brands may last longer, but again, if someone is eating food, drinking something from cups, or just touching them accidentally will remove them. That is why consumers keep replying from time to time within a single day.

How to remove lipstick?
One can use petroleum jelly, micellar water, or an oil-based cleanser to remove different lipsticks. Use a clean cotton pad or soft facial cloth to apply these solutions on the lips (oil cleansers can be applied directly with fingers). Make sure to wash your face afterward, and exfoliation of lips would be a bonus to keep them in good shape.

How to choose lipstick color?
Two things should be considered during lipstick selection: the color of your teeth and how you want to make your lips look. If you have white teeth, you can go with darker shades since they emphasize the color contrast of your teeth and lips. If you want to make your lips plumper, go for light shades and vice versa.

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