How Can You Get Your Spotify Pie Chart?

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Spotify is primarily known for its music streaming service that allows users to listen to a vast catalog of songs, create playlists, discover new music, and share music with others.

They offer various features like personalized playlists (e.g., Discover Weekly, Release Radar), the ability to create and share playlists, and more.

Spotify Pie Chart: Some Basic Information

Spotify did not have a built-in feature for creating Spotify pie charts or any graphical data visualization related to your music listening habits within the app or on its website. Spotify primarily focuses on music streaming, playlist creation, and music discovery.


If you're interested in visualizing your music listening data in the form of a pie chart or other graphs, you would need to use external tools or applications that can analyze your Spotify data and generate visualizations based on it. There are some third-party apps and services that could help with this, but you should exercise caution when using such services, especially if they require access to your Spotify account.

Steps to create Spotify Pie Chart

Once you are sure that you want to see your Spotify Pie chart, open the official website of Darren Huang with the link present here 

You will be able to see the Spotify pie chart on the home screen of the website after which, you need to enter the Username and password of your Spotify account. Once logged in, the website will take a few moments to analyze your data and create your Spotify pie chart where you will be able to see the genres that you are most interested in. 

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